Network Care Coordination

Communities for People began implementation of a Network Care Coordination Team in June of 2013.  The Network Care Coordination team consists of three coordinators, one Family Support Partner, one coach/supervisor.  This model/process incorporates the 10 core principles of wraparound care:

  • Family Voice & Choice
  • Team Based
  • Cultural Competence
  • Collaboration
  • Community Based Strategies
  • Individualized Treatment
  • Strength-Based Approaches
  • Unconditional Care
  • Outcome Based Approaches
  • Use of Natural Supports

Wraparound care utilizes a team of people and services that will support a family through their journey within the System of Care.  The team is usually comprised of the family, and supports identified by the family.  Other members of the team include the Network Care Coordinator whom acts as a facilitator for this process, ensuring that all involved parties stay true to the wraparound care principles.  Also included is the Family Support Partner, who is a peer mentor directly assisting the family and has similar life experiences.  This family partner is integral to the wraparound care process.  This model/process is based on identifying strengths and needs to build a plan of action upon,  around which the family leads the way.