Home Based Services

Family Centered Treatment® (FCT)

FCT is an evidence-based, intensive family and community-based treatment program serving male and female clients 0-20 years of age with an identified caregiver. It is made up of 4 unique phases (Joining and Assessment, Restructuring, Valuing Changes and Generalization) which promote improved family functioning with all household members. FCT therapists work with the entire family system and through the course of treatment encourages each family member to value the changes they make in their progress. This is an action-based model that provides the family with in the moment, hands-on opportunities to practice change, FCT differs from other home-based, family-focused programs in that it emphasizes the importance of families finding value and developing ownership in the changes being made.

Enhanced Family Support Services (EFSS)

EFSS is a strength based in-home treatment program helping any youth ranging from 0- 21 years old and their families stay together or reunify despite significant stressors. The program is designed for youth who are in a residential placement and looking to reunify home, or youth in the facing possible removal from the home and therefore in need of stabilization. Family support services range various management strategies to effective communications skills to counseling. Parents and caregivers develop the skills necessary to ensure the safety, health, and the well-being of all family members.

Families for Children Supportive Services (FFC-SS)

Families for Children Supportive Services (FFC-SS) will provide foster care specific supports to children and youth currently residing in the Department’s generic foster homes or those placed in kinship homes. Children and youth will be provided clinical services, case management, family/sibling visitation, emergency response, and advocacy. The program is designed to support youth with a variety of complex needs. The focus of the FFC-SS program is intended to be a short-term service to help stabilize a youth in his/her foster home placement and reduce the risk of placement disruption.

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