East Urban Core FCCP (Family Care Community Partnership)

What is the FCCP?

(Family Care Community Partnership)

Raising a family can be overwhelming. It takes a village to raise a child. With a 95% success rate of keeping families together, the FCCP uses Wraparound to guide families in deciding who they want to be a part of the their village. Wraparound is an approach to empowering youth and families. With a foundation of trust, we are ready to support your journey towards new beginnings.

Your family may be eligible:

  • Children ages 0-18 with emotional, behavioral and/or mental health challenges
  • Youth challenging authority, making unsafe choices, or at risk for legal involvement
  • Children exposed to domestic violence, unstable housing, food insecurity or other concerns for child safety


East Urban Core Family Care Community Partnership
210 West Avenue
Pawtucket, RI 02860
(833) FCCP-123  ((833) 322-7123)
Fax: (401) 421-4608

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. @easturbanFCCP