East Urban Core FCCP (Family Care Community Partnership)

The Family Care Community Partnership (FCCP) brings families, their natural supports, and community-based service providers together to build a stronger, brighter future. This program is designed for families who are facing stresses and challenges in parenting, feeling overwhelmed and don’t know where they can get help. We help each family mobilize the community support needed to ease those difficult situations. This program accepts referrals from any source, including self-referrals. The program is funded by The Department of Children, Youth and Families.

Eligible families include:

  • Families undergoing stress who may be at-risk of child abuse or neglect
  • Families with children birth to age 18 who have serious emotional, behavioral and/or mental health challenges
  • Families with children who are enrolled in Positive Educational Partnership Schools and participating in early childhood settings
  • Families with Youth who are transitioning from the Juvenile Correctional Facility back into the community
  • Children and families at risk of involvement with DCYF
  • Families with youth who are presenting delinquent, or wayward/disobedient behaviors and at risk of juvenile justice system involvement.

East Urban Core Family Care Community Partnership
210 West Avenue
Pawtucket, RI 02860
(833) FCCP-123  ((833) 322-7123)
Fax: (401) 421-4608
Email: FCCP@c4p.org

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    (Only Law Enforcement Referrals Complete this Section)

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