Join CFP in Honoring Foster Mothers

This is an invitation to celebrate your mother. We are NOT asking you to spend any money on some fancy fundraiser. Instead, please join us in THANKING our EVERYDAY HEROES!



“We had talked about fostering for years. When our oldest was heading to college and after learning about the sheer amount of teens in foster care, we decided to make it official.Very quickly after we completed the training and licensing we received our first placement, Johann a 13 year old boy from Middletown.

Foster parenting doesn’t come without its challenges. The biggest struggle was getting Johann into a routine that was comfortable for him and worked for our family too. Our structured family routines were a departure from his prior experiences. He was a 7th grader at a 4th grade level, he wasn’t doing his work and disrespecting his peers and teachers. I immediately met with his teachers, provided him support and structure, as well as got him properly medicated after he was having trouble focusing.

Despite trouble adjusting with my sons and our family initially, the outcome has been very much worth it. The best part is seeing how far he has come with his  confidence, personality and his acclimation to sports and school. He came to our home struggling in school and lacking the confidence in himself to truly succeed and now he’s achieved excellent grades and has made friends with his peers and teachers.”