Piper and Laurel

Adding a child to our family through adoption had always been one of our goals. We felt we had a calling to adopt a child in need of a loving family that was prepared to take on the many challenges of raising a traumatized child. As the first step in the process to adopt a child from foster care we searched for a MAPP training class. We found that we would have to wait six months for a place in a MAPP class unless we could convince CFP to accept us into their class that was scheduled to begin in just a matter of days. This is the first time in what turned into a long and arduous process that we would benefit from CFP’s dedication to acting in the best interest of the children in their care. Rather than insisting that we wait many months to go through a formal application process, CFP accepted us into their MAPP class based on an immediate telephone interview with Piper.

Later, they expedited completion of our home study when they matched us with a little girl who was likely to be placed in residential care unless a suitable emergency placement could be found. For the next fifteen months, CFP helped us to navigate through a physically and emotionally challenging legal process. They provided caring guidance, information and support at every step along the way. More than once they went way above and beyond to assist us when we were faced with crises that could threaten to disrupt our placement. They demonstrated a tireless commitment to well being of our daughter and of our family.

We were honored to have the three CFP staff members who worked so hard on our behalf with us in the courtroom on the day our adoption was finalized. Without their commitment and dedication our little girl would likely have become one of the “failures” of the foster care system – a child raised in an institution. A child who would likely never recover from the abuses she had endured. Today a child who was once abused and neglected is thriving. She is growing into a happy child who is overcoming the challenges of her early years. None of this would have been possible without the kindness, compassion and very hard work from the many wonderful staff at CFP. We will always be grateful to them for the many wonderful things they have done to for our family.